Our Approach

Our Approach

Each program

provides youth with positive, healthy alternatives to the negative influences that surround them. Experiences such as climbing a cliff or white water rafting present exhilarating challenges that youth can successfully meet with preparation, training and a desire to succeed. 


our programs create and foster long-term mentor relationships between the youth we serve and the positive adult role-models on staff and who volunteer. These relationships are focused on giving each youth the support he or she needs to become a successful adult.

Outdoor trips

including rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and backpacking form the foundation of our youth development programs. All trips are organized, supervised and directed by Oregon Youth Outreach staff and volunteers and are provided at no cost to the youth who participate.

Theory of Change

Youth Are Introduced To Program

  • Exposing them to a safe, joyful and natural environment
  • Engaging in physically, emotionally and mentally challenging outdoor activities
  • Developing positive relationships with their supportive mentors

Positive Attitude Change

  • Cultivating open mindedness
  • Improving self-image
  • Understanding that there are choices
  • Seeing the world from a different view
  • Developing hope, respect, confidence, and responsibility

Positive Behavioral Change

  • Becoming more open to help/outside assistance
  • Asking for help when needed/helping others
  • Trusting others
  • Setting goals

Responsible and Healthy Adults

  • Becoming a responsible citizen
  • Improving academic achievement
  • Engaging in post-secondary education
  • Obtaining a job
  • Environmental stewardship


Adventure Clubs

Adventure Clubs

Working closely with faculty and staff, we form and facilitate Adventure Clubs in local schools. Each club typically has 10 to 20 youth members who are referred by school administrators and counselors. Students meet weekly after school and participate in monthly outdoor trips, which the students help plan.

Partner Programs

Partner Programs

Oregon Youth Outreach collaborates with and acts as a resource to community based organizations working with at-risk youth, including drug rehabilitation programs, foster care facilities, homeless shelters, and juvenile justice service programs.

Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Adventure Club graduates have the opportunity to apply and interview for Leadership roles, providing them with the training and skills necessary to instruct and mentor program participants.

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